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About Us

1967:    At the first West African Rotary Convention hosted by the Rotary Club of Accra, the Vice President of Rotary International, Steve O'Halloran felt that the membership of the Rotary Club of Accra at 200 was high therefore the Accra Club should release part their territory and sponsor another Club.

October 1968: Accra Club released territory for the new Club to be formed.

December 1968: The board of Rotary International approves the territorial limits of the Accra Club.

7th January 1969: Meeting of prospective members with the required qualification approved the following:

The Standard Club Constitution was approved and the territorial limits defined as follows: All that area of Accra within the City limits west of a line drawn through the centre of the Nsawam Road continuing along Liberty Avenue thence along Lutterodt Street and thence in a straight line to the sea.

13th January 1969: At the second meeting of prospective members of Rotary Club of Accra West the following was agreed.


1. J. K. M. Quartey was unanimously elected President
2. R. G. Price was elected Vice President.
3. A. B. Mc Auslane was elected Secretary.
4. R. W. Hill was elected Treasurer.
5. A. BABA-ALARGI was elected Director
6. K. J. Khubchandani was elected Director
7. B. L Moseley was elected Director
8. E. D. Kom was elected Director
9. W. Smith was elected Sgt-At-Arms

It was agreed that the regular meeting of the Club would be held on a Wednesday at 12.30 p.m. and not on Thursday as previously agreed, and that for the time being they would be held at KOB LODGE, Ring Road, Accra.

It was agreed that the Provisional Club would, on admission to R.I., bank at Knutsford Avenue Branch of Barclays Bank.

20th January 1969: President of Accra Rotary Club, Val Micheletti forwarded the application and his recommendations to the Administrative Adviser of Rotary International Rot. Joe Richards of the Rotary Club of Monrovia for onward transmission to R.I. together with his own recommendations.

27th January 1969:


1. Club Service Committees: Under B. L. Moseley (Director)

(a) ATTENDANCE Chairman: W. Smith (Sgt.-At-Arms)
(b) FELLOWSHIP Chairman: G. T. Inwood
(c) BULLETIN Chairman: A. B. McAuslane (Secretary)
(d) MEMBERSHIP AND CLASSIFICATION. Chairman: R. Carvallo. Members: P. Crothalli and G. Ayai-Ayitey
(e) PUBLIC RELATIONS AND ROTARY INFORMATION. Chairman: W. N. Laing. Members: P. L. Bateson and R. Dominici
(f)PROGRAMME. Chairman: R. G. Price (Vice President). Members: A. D. Moore and C. M. Weather burn

2. Vocational Service Committee. Chairman: A. Baba- Alargi (Director). Member; E. Irwin

3. Community Service Committee. Chairman : E.D. Kom (Director). Member: H. Goodbarne

4. International service Committee. Chairman: K.J. Khubchandani (Director). Member: A . Fix

WEEKLY MEETINGS: It was agreed that members should be discouraged from sitting round and the fellowship period should be altered to 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. Lunch to be served at 12:45 p.m. It was agreed that seats should be numbered and members given a number on booking in. This, it was felt, would prevent members from automatically choosing the same seat each week. The Sgt-at-Arms ensured all normal Club discipline and courtesy were observed at all meetings.

Ten Rotarians relinquished their membership of the Rotary Club of Accra and together with twelve "aspiring" professional and businessmen formed the nucleus of the Rotary Club of Accra West.

The ten Rotarians were:

1. Rot A Babah-Alargi
2 Rot. R. W.Hill
3 . Rot. G. T.Inwood
4 . Rot. K. J. Khubchandani
5 . Rot. Dr. W. N.Laing
6. Rot A. B. McAuslane
7. Rot. B. L.Moseley
8. Rot. R. G.Price
9. Rot. Dr. J. K. M.Quartey
10.Rot W.Smith

On 5th February 1969, the Rotary Club of Accra-West was admitted to membership of Rotary International.

Unlike most new Rotary Clubs which usually consist of professional and business men with practically little or no previous knowledge of Rotary,the Rotary Club of Accra West began significantly with nearly half of its membership comprising experienced and dedicated active Rotarians.

Another notable feature of the composition of the Rotary Club of Accra West has been the large number of expatriate members. There were as many as eighteen expatriate members out of a total membership of twenty-two when the Club was admitted into Rotary International. The Club was then dubbed a "Miniature United Nations".

The number of expatriates, however, gradually decreased,and in 1976 the Club registered, for the first time, more Ghanaian than non-Ghanaian members, a pattern which has persisted.

20th February 1969: Rotary International President, Kiyoshi Togasaki, congratulated each of the charter members of the Rotary Club ofAccra West.

25th April, 1969: Rotary Club of Accra presented the Charter to Rotary Club of Accra West at the BUKOM NIGHT CLUB of the Continental Hotel, Accra.


There were twenty-two (22) Charter Members of the Rotary Club of Accra-West.

No. Name Classification Position
1. J.N.K Quartey Surgery Charter President
2. A.B Mc Auslane Insurance Charter Secretary
3. G Ayai-Ayitey Accountancy
4. A Babah-Alargi Structural Engineering
5. P.L Bateson Store Management
6. R. Carvello Vehicle Sales
7. P.F Crothall Consular Representation
8. R. Dominic Air Transportation
9. A. Fix Gas Distribution
10. H. Goodbarne General Merchadise Distribution
11. R.W Hill General Merchandise Distribution
12. G.T Imwood Printing
13. E. Erwin Engineering
14. K.J Khubchandani Rubber Plantation
15. E.D Kom Legal Practice
16. H.G Kremser Diplomacy
17. W.N Laing Pathology
18. A.D Moore Civil Engineering
19. B.L Mosley Construction
20. R.G Price Building Materials Distribution
21. W. Smith Electrical Contracting Sgt-at-Arms
22. C.N Weatherburn Hardware Distribution